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MKT, Europes’ leading manufacturer of concrete anchoring systems, including seismic rated highload safety anchors, is distributing its products throughout New Zealand through Gibson Anchoring Systems Limited.

MKT and Gibson Anchoring Systems are working together to offer a range of competitively priced, high quality, concrete anchors to meet the demands of New Zealand’s building and construction sector.

Our shared vision is to make the MKT brand New Zealand’s premier brand of seismically rated concrete anchors.

Image of a MKT Seismic Concrete Screw Bolt BSZ-SU A4
Image of a MKT Seismic Highload Anchor SZ-S
Image showing a MKT Chemical Injection System VME

Anchoring System Products

The majority of our MKT products are approved for seismic loading conditions C1 and C2 and hence meet the seismic design requirements here in New Zealand. These seismically approved products include highload safety anchors, wedge anchors, screw bolts and chemical anchors (epoxy and hybrid).

Why use MKT anchoring products

High quality fastening systems

Manufactured in Germany

Internationally approved fastening systems

Professional engineering support

C1 and C2 seismically rated

European Technical Approvals (ETA)

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